Bodyworks 90-Day Challenge

What is the 90 Day Challenge?

Bodyworks Challenge

Are you looking for accountability and motivation to achieve your fitness goals? If you answered yes, Bodyworks’ 90-Day Challenge is here to help. Bodyworks members can enter the contest for as little as $49.

Contest Categories

For this year's challenge, Bodyworks is only judging two categories separately: men and women. From the top men and women finalists, Bodyworks will choose a $10,000 prize winner. Other finalists will also receive consolation prizes.

Contestant Responsibilities - IMPORTANT!

Bodyworks trainers will measure and weigh in results for the challenge. Only measurements and weigh ins by trainers will count toward the contest. However, it is the sole responsibility of the contestant to keep the measurements, the essays and the photos and turn them in at the end of their 90-Day term. Bodyworks will have set days and times where contestants can come to a Bodyworks location to get measured and weigh in by a personal trainer.

Judging Criteria

Inches MeasuredIn general terms, contestants are judged on how much they transform over the 90 day duration of the contest. Specifically, contestants will be judged on three things:

  • Percentage of change based on measurements: measured inches, weight and body fat.
  • Visual perception of change, based on before and after contest photos
  • An essay that tells us why you decided to get health (before) and the difference it has made in your life (after).


Prize Money

A panel of judges will evaluate contestants on the three judging criteria. The overall winner of the 90 Day Challenge will receive a cash prize of $10,000. Runners up will also receive a small prize, as well.

Entry Period

Contestants may begin their 90-Day Challenge anytime between January 12th - June 15th, 2015. The day you want to start your challenge, we'll schedule an appointment with a personal trainer at the location of your choice for measurements, body fat testing, and official weigh in.

Official Rules

By entering the contest, you agree to the contest rules and regulations.

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